Singing Re{k}news

One way I know I was broken and needed to re{k}new is that I wasn’t singing. In the car, I used to sing to the radio, loud and off-key. Remember when you used to hop in the car, turn the radio on and sing your heart out? Remember car dancing? I can picture driving out of the parking lot at work on a sunny day with the window down and the tunes crankin’!

It came back to me a little while ago in on one of my first little trips ion the van. Don’t remember the song-I think it was on a Christian rock station. Didn’t even think about it. Didn’t even realize it. All of a sudden it struck me, “Hey, I’m singing!” What joy!

Then, this morning, at home, it was Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. Guest star: Paul McCartney.

Baby, you can drive my car! Singin’ and dancin’ in my comfy chair. Hands up! Singin’ loud!

A very sweet episode with two very sweet guys. Hit me hard-brought on the tears. Why? Paul talked about his mom telling him in a dream to “just let it be.” James and Paul started singing the song, and got all teary-eyed. Someone else cries, I cry. But, later no, Paul did a pop-up set at a pub and before ya know it, I’m singing and crying. So are the girls (and some guys) in the audience. What is it about those Beatles songs and that band?

For me, it’s back to high school, listening to albums late at night with those big head phones so I don’t wake up the whole house. Those high school years weren’t the best, but I find renewal in those little glimpses of things that fed my soul in those days.

Two questions for ya. Leave comments below 🙂

What would be on your road trip mix tape? I can’t find my old tapes, but I know a few of the songs:

  • Baby You Can Drive My Car-The Beatles
  • Drive-Bobby McFerrin
  • Fast Car-Tracy Chapman

What are some songs that fed your soul in your younger days?

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