Why re{knew}?

First, let’s talk about words. Yeah, I’m an English teacher, so that’s my thing!

New and knew are words that sound the same, and renew is related, but they all have different meanings. New basically means not existing before; renew, to resume an activity after an interruption; and knew, perceived as fact or truth in the past.

I started this project to resume after an interruption what I perceived to be my true self in the past.  That’s why I can sum up the goal of this project in a hybrid word:


Why do I need to re{knew} what I knew? Somewhere along the line leading up to now, I buried what I felt to be my true self without really realizing it. In the past few years, I’ve experienced several losses that seem to have brushed away some of the sediment covering up what I used to know about myself. In no particular order:

  • My marriage of 28 years ended.
  • My parents have both passed away.
  • I was laid off from my job as a teacher.


  • I have, for all intents and purposes, become an empty-nester.

All of those things were attachments that had come to define me: wife, daughter, stay-at-home mom and teacher.

On top of that, along came Covid, which really shook my world and made me feel like all of those attachments were stripped away in the blink of an eye. Over the past year, I’ve tried to regain my balance by reading, writing, spending time in nature and making plans for a new future.

I’ve started re{knew} because I feel like there are other people out there, no matter your age or stage in life, who need renewal, too. Maybe sharing my experiences can help you feel a little bit of renewal. So, come along with me, here and on my YouTube channel, as I take this journey, and


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