Van Life Re{knew}s

Van life?

Yes! Van life!

As I’ve tried to regain my balance post-Covid (and all of the other changes in my life), the anchor I have found is the idea of travelling in a camper. Looking back to see where I can find the “me” I feel I’ve lost, I picture

  • Time I spent as a teenager with my family in a pop up camper in the tiny town of Cedar Run, PA.
  • Time I spent with my husband in a big red truck with a slide-in camper, exploring the Northwest, Southwest and North Carolina.
  • Time I spent with with my own family of five, traveling the Northwest and Southwest


  • Time I spent most recently, on my own in an SUV living out of two grocery bags and two laundry baskets.

So, here we are today, where I know that I want to go back to these roots to regain what I knew about myself in those moments when I felt most grounded and centered in “me” and most at peace with who I am.

I’ve started my YouTube channel, Van Life Renews, because I feel like there are other people out there, no matter your age or stage in life, who also need renewal. Even though you can’t be with me out there, maybe sharing my experiences can help you feel a little bit of renewal, too.

Hope I’ll see you down the road!

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